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About Brick Police

about-brick-police.jpg was created to satisfy the market for custom, unique and accurate LEGO Police creations representing real US law enforcement agencies to discerning collectors, fans of LEGO and law enforcement alike.  Sadly The LEGO Group does not produce Police Sets that resemble real law enforcement agencies nor do they sell replicated modern weapons.

Based in Silicon Valley California, we are the only company offering custom designed LEGO police cars, minifigures, and equipment accurately modeled after real US police agencies.  All car models and minifigures are made from 100% new LEGO pieces and detailed with high quality custom printed decals.  Our Modern Weapons and Gun Belts are custom molded from high quality toy plastic that is fully LEGO compatible.  Each product is carefully constructed, packed and quickly shipped fully assembled to your door.


Kalison Cook
(408) 964-8060

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